Here you can find Information about the various events that are planned by the six member states

We have organized a great program for you, for 2022 but because of the continued COVID-19 restrictions, many of the events and their dates remain tentative, and we will share all of our updates with you, as soon as they are available.
Because of the changing situation with COVID-19, we advise you to check all dates with the event organizers ahead of time. You can contact them for more information and status updates via their provided information.

Calendario degli eventi

Giovedì, 2024-04-18

Giornate del Patrimonio Mondiale in Austria

Since 1983, at the initiative of the International Council of Monuments ICOMOS, April 18 has been celebrated by UNESCO as the “International Day of Monuments and Sites” or “World Heritage Day”.
As part of this international day, the Austrian Conference of World Heritage Sites decided in 2020 to establish such a day of action also in Austria - the “World Heritage Day”

Domenica, 2024-06-02

Giornata del Patrimonio Mondiale in Germania

Germany's 52 cultural and natural world heritage sites will be presented under the motto “Experience and discover diversity”.
Further general information on “World Heritage Day” is available on the website of the German Commission for UNESCO (in German and English)

Information on special “World Heritage Day” events around the World Heritage site “Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps” will follow.


Sabato, 2024-06-08

Giornate del Patrimonio Mondiale in Svizzera

Ogni anno, il secondo fine settimana di giugno, i beni del Patrimonio mondiale aprono le loro porte e ti invitano a scoprire i loro segreti, la loro unicità e il loro straordinario valore.








Venerdì, 2024-06-14

Regata Internazionale di piroga 2024

The 9th International Logboat Regatta will take place in 2024 as part of the European Archeology Days.
For the first time, the location is Lac de Saint Point in the French Jura.

More information will follow soon

Mercoledì, 2024-10-09

Conferenza "Archéologie et érosion"

October 9 to 11 2024, the 4th conference “Archaeology and erosion” will take place.
The subject of the conference is “The economy of littoral archaeological safeguarding in a context of climate change”.

Further information can be found in the first newsletter (see download)