Palù di Livenza - Sector 3: Spätneolithische Holzfundament eines Pfahlbauhauses (3900-3600 v. Chr.) © archive SABAP-FVG

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The Palù di Livenza wetland lies at the foot of the Cansiglio plateau in a natural basin in the Pordenone area. The research directed by the Soprintendenza between 1981 and 1994 in Sectors 1 and 2 have highlighted archaeological materials and wooden features of a Neolithic pile-dwelling site. A vast part of the locality is protected and still unexplored, thus preserving important archaeological and palaeoenvironmental archives. The latest investigations, carried out at the Sector 3 since 2013, have revealed a well-preserved stratigraphic sequence with three main phases of pile-dwellings, attributed to diverse cultural groups of Recent and Late Neolithic.


4300-3600 v. Chr.

Nähe der Flussaue der Livenza

29 m.ü.N.N.

Größe Fundstelle 13,47 ha / ca. 19 Fussballfelder

Größe Pufferzone 86,72 ha / ca. 121 Fussballfelder

Besonderheiten & Highlights
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Organic material perfectly preserved, remains of three superimposed Neolithic pile-dwelling villages in Sector 3.

Aktuelle Aktivitäten
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Protection, research (archaeological, geomorphological and palaeoenvironmental investigations) and enhancement activities

Pfahlbauten hautnah
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The wetland zone can be visited individually and by guided tour.

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