The ingredients for this pile dweller’s Barleyotto (barley risotto) have been available since the Neolithic © PalaFitFood


Cooking like the pile dwellers – the food blog for the ten year UNESCO Pile Dwellings anniversary

What were people eating in the pile dwellings, and how did they cook their meals? Our blog’s theme “Science of the Stomach, not only presents you with hard facts about pile dwelling archaeology, but also with suggestions for recipes, and cook-off challenges for the foodies among you

PalaFitFood – Science of the Stomach

Cooking with regional and seasonal ingredients – what is edible and how can I prepare it? This question is of universal concern, both in the ancient past, as it is today. The pile dwelling sites have been under water, in an oxygen-poor environment, and the quality of preservation of organic materials is exceptional. Only because of this, can our archaeologists discover so many details on the topic of food and nutrition of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. We present you some of this knowledge in our food blog PalaFitFood , in everyday language and in small, bite-sized snacks. Recipes and cook-offs are meant to inspire every foodie, connoisseur and home-chef, to participate and to experiment with us

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